"What specific helped me...."

Read here the experience of Danielle with Boncura.

Boncura helped Danielle to deal with her complaints.

“What helped me are the insights I have gained about myself”

I was often angry and triggered by random things. In retrospect it turned out that I was angered by the feeling of impotence and worthlessness. The treatment at Boncura consisted of a number of EMDR sessions, this was evaluated after a number of exercises and good and fun conversations with my therapist. What has specifically helped me are the insights I have gained about myself and the “cleaning up” of unresolved events. I now recognize the situation in which I may be triggered and can therefore avoid getting angry. When I do get angry, I can get over it more easily instead of hanging around in it all day.

* Daniëlle is a fictitious name for someone who received treatment at Boncura.


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