Running therapy

Running therapy focuses on the (therapeutic) use of a quiet endurance run under the guidance of a traine Running Therapist as an (additional) form of treatment for clients of Boncura with psychological complaints.


Regular exercise is good for body and mind. It helps improve your fitness but also increeases your self-confidence. Feelings of uncertainty, fear and gloom diminish. With Running therapy you can literally take the stress out of your body.


Eperience with running is not necessary. You learn to regularly walk or run at your own pace. It is als good if you have trouble to start excercise on your own. Within Running therapy, attention is not only paid to running itself, but also to psycho-edcuation aimed at stress regulation, injury prevention, working the brain and stress.


Running therapy is given by the psychomotor therapist Silke Heerts and can be joined if you follow treatment at Boncura GGz. Request a referral from your doctor or


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