Contracts with Health Insurers 2024 – Update December 4, 2023

At Boncura, we aim to work with all health insurers every year. Good news: all care is reimbursed (except for the deductible), without additional personal contribution.

Only with ONVZ, it is not yet certain that a contract will be concluded for 2024. However, ONVZ insureds who have been receiving treatment at Boncura since 2023 may complete their treatment in 2024, fully reimbursed without any personal contribution. We keep you as well informed as possible on this page.

Need a referral?

Yes, for reimbursement by Boncura, a referral letter from a general practitioner, company doctor, or specialist is required, and the complaints must fall under a ‘DSM-5 classification’.

Deductible in 2024

The standard deductible remains €385. Having trouble paying? Request a payment arrangement from your insurer for spread payments.

No show: not appearing at appointments

Costs for last-minute cancellations (within 24 hours): €102.50, this is not reimbursed by the insurer. Repeatedly not showing up can lead to (temporary) cessation of treatment. See here for more info via this link.


We use the average contracted rate of your insurer, so no extra personal contribution (besides the deductible). For foreign insured, NZa rates apply. View these rates via the link. Furthermore, it is possible that your employer funds a trajectory for you via Boncura@work, see for more information.

When is care not reimbursed?

If your complaints do not fall under the ‘DSM-5 classification’, or if you do not want the health insurer to know you are receiving treatment at the GGz: alternative: self-pay (see “private”).

Annual Deductible

This amounts to €385 and may be higher if you have chosen a higher deductible. The deductible is charged once per year.

International Students & EHIC

Students with an EHIC card get 100% reimbursement for care. Without EHIC (e.g., OOM or AON)? Show written confirmation of your student insurance for reimbursement.

Intake and e-health

Intake interviews and e-health programs are part of your treatment. Costs for these are charged as treatment or diagnostic time.

Private Treatment

Also possible without a GP referral. We apply the NZa rates. Costs for file formation are also invoiced.

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